Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bewitched By A Thicket

As I walked through that messy area a few weeks ago, I hadn't a clue what magical powers the little thicket had. I didn't know it would entice me into spending days cleaning it. I didn't know I would be lured to its shade to collect the twigs to make an arbor. I certainly did not see myself decorating that sweet thicket with a wreath. A wreath no less.

But that is, in fact, what I did. You see the thicket gave me all the stuff with which to fashion the wreath. It provided the wire frame, the vines, the red electrical wire, the bracket to hang it up, even the dried flowers. Actually, the story of the dried flowers is an interesting one.

These flowers were a gift from Karen. I had met Karen a few days before as she walked into the thicket. We got to talking and soon discovered we share a few things in common, not the least of which is blogging.

Yep, as it happens, she is the lovely blogger behind Kingston Cam, a blog in which, through the art of photography, she discovers and discusses the beauty and uniqueness of Eastern Ontario and the Kingston area.

Then, a few days later, this collection of beautiful dried flowers materializes in the thicket in a cardboard box, a gift from Kingston Cam Karen with which to decorate the thicket.

So you see, no matter how obsessive you may think me, a wreath was inevitable.

This little thicket has a way of making things happen.


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Twig Arbor for The Thicket

Before I came along, people used The Thicket as a dumping ground for everything from their old lawnmowers to broken windows to every imaginable type of yard waste. Lucky for me (and them), they also left me a veritable wealth of twigs to play with.

So, to welcome them to the new-and-improved thicket, I made them an entrance way. I took all their twigs, and sticks, and branches and made them this pretty arbor with matching twig hedges.

I wonder what they'll leave the next time they pay a visit...


Older installments in the story of The Thicket: The Dump, A Clean Thicket.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Quilt Finish: Rows of Bows!

This scrappy "Rows of Bows" quilt was inspired by a quilt top made by an unknown maker displayed in a book called Cotton Candy Quilts by Mary Mashuta. I started making her on July 24th, 2014. I completed her on September 23rd, 2014. That's 2 months less a day. Not bag.

For my quilt, I chose to use only plaids and stripes collected painstakingly over many years. Amongst other assorted fabrics, lots of old shirts and shorts belonging to Lo and the Boy are found in this quilt. Some belonging even to me are in there. The backing fabric was provided by my mom whose extensive fabric stash I recently inherited because she loves me. What can I say except that I was a model child. But you know this.

"Rows of Bows" is a no-nonsense straight-line machine-quilted quilt, and is massive at 96 inches (2.4m) wide by 100 inches (2.5m) long.  I don't know exactly how much she weighs but I would wager it's about a ton, give or take.

I'm pleased she's done. She's resting on our bed as we speak. And it is my hope that very soon I will be happily snuggling right there with her.


Disclosure: The link to Cotton Candy Quilts is an affiliate link. I will benefit financially if you opt to purchase a copy of the book.


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