Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crazy Heart Cushion

Don't know if you remember the Quilted Heart Rug? Well here's its companion piece, the Crazy Heart Cushion.

Forgive me, but I couldn't resist making another heart-themed quilted thingie... Looks quite fetching resting in the great outdoors on my wooden bench, doesn't it?


Monday, June 29, 2015

Pink in the Garden

Today I'm seeing the garden through pink-coloured glasses. Above, there is the sweet astilbe. And below, the spikey yet compact speedwell known as "Giles Van Hees".

No garden is complete without some form of hens and chicks, in my opinion, plus it possesses a most intriguing pale pink flower.

And then we have the self-seeding mallow. This one grows without any help or encouragement - perfect the lazy gardener. For example, me.

And finally my beloved purple coneflower who attracts birds, bees, and butterflies alike, and needs zero attention.

I don't consider myself to be a girlie-girl but I certainly don't mind seeing these beauties in the garden. Nope, bring on the pink, I say.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Look What I Found!

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. If you click it and make a purchase, I will benefit financially.

Guess what I snagged on the side of the road with a free sign on it... That's right, this metal cart. It was a sad little thing when I found it. It was dirty, dated, and rusty too. But nothin' some steel wool, a generous dose of elbow grease, and a little love couldn't help, eh?

I pulled off the wood veneer tape that covered all the metal bits. Scraped off the ugly glue that the tape left behind. Sanded off all that rust with the steel wool. Washed it down. Polished it up. Covered the two wooden planks with this pretty paper: 

Get a load of her now... She's shining from the inside she's so happy to be loved again. And those old casters roll around like they're on clouds.

She makes an ideal resting place for our pillows and blankets, doncha think?



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